Best iPhone Games 2018: The best iOS games on the App Store

The App Store is stacked with top quality iOS games. But with almost countless free iPhone and iPad games to choose from, knowing the best games can be tricky.

The App Store is stacked with top quality iOS games. But with almost countless free iPhone and iPad games to choose from, knowing the best games can be tricky.

Luckily, having such a huge number of games means no matter your taste, there’s something to play. Trusted Reviews has picked some of the best experiences you can download right now.

South Park: Phone Destroyer



Developer: Ubisoft 

If you’ve finished up all the rude offerings of South Park: The Fractured But Whole this may be your new favourite game. Ubisoft has created a collectable card experience that’s both addictive and offers the crude humour you’d expect from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s infamous cartoon.

You can assemble a unique deck while interacting with beloved characters spread across the Colorado town. It’s surprisingly challenging and fun, offering bite-sized gaming sessions perfect for playing on the go.


Developer: Nintendo

Nintendo’ Animal crossing series has absorbed hours of our precious time in the past. Whether we’re decorating our house with trinkets or befriending every villager, there is always something to do in the charming world Isabelle and friends inhabit.

Now, after much anticipation, you can finally play it on smartphones. However, it’s a little different to what you’d find on 3DS. Pocket Camp has you running your own campsite with its own unique style. You’re free to invite over friends and complete favours for them in exchange for a bunch of goodies.

Pocket Camp is a cute and accessible idle experience that feels like a genuine entry in the Animal Crossing series. While it’s not packing the same level of features, it’s still a neat thing to have on your phone.

Puzzle Bobble Journey


Developer: Taito

Price: £4.79

The classic and utterly adorable puzzle title has a new iteration on smartphones, and it translates the enjoyable formula to mobile perfectly. With hundreds of stages to play through, Puzzle Bobble Journey also offers player an assortment of different power-ups and characters to unlock.

Puzzle Bobble’s memorable soundtrack has also been remastered, taking its place alongside high-definition visuals that really pop on modern phone displays. While it does contain optional microtransactions, I always found myself with enough coins and equipment to get by.

If you’re looking for a fun, cute and relatively easy-going puzzler on mobile, this is a great addition to your collection.

Fire Emblem Heroes



Developer: Intelligent Systems
Price: Free

Nintendo’s third stab at mobile gaming could be its deepest yet, with Fire Emblem Heroes delivering an experience that pays homage to the beloved series while also carving its own identity. By combining familiar gameplay mechanics with dozens of iconic characters, Fire Emblem Heroes crafts a deceptively deep SRPG perfectly suited for mobile.

Fire Emblem Heroes does an excellent job of translating the existing gameplay formula to iOS and Android. Admittedly, it lacks some of the depth of the 3DS entries, yet often feels just as challenging. Managing your capable squad of heroes still requires a keen sense of strategy, albeit on a smaller and somewhat simplified scale.

The solo campaign is a nostalgic trip through Fire Emblem history as you encounter characters from previous entries summoned into your world by an evil sorceress. Each chapter has you battling through a series of skirmishes before coming across the iconic individual in question. Duking it out with them is a blast, even if at times the difficulty feels lacking.


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