Crazy Taxi (Sega Dreamcast) – Retro Game Review

Crazy Taxi – Sega Dreamcast Retro Game Review Crazy Taxi is a quirky driving game developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega in 1999. Crazy Taxi was extremely successful in its initial arcade release, and Sega got to thinking that they would be wise to release it on their new Dreamcast home console, as well.  The game saw release on

ESPN Extreme Games/1Xtreme – Retro Review (PS1)

ESPN Extreme Games on the PS1 is often overlooked It took me a while to find a game that I became obsessed with in the PlayStation 1 days. My first PS1 experience was with Porsche Challenge, Crash Bandicoot and International Superstar Soccer 1997 which are all super solid video games so it comes as a surprise to

Sonic 2 (Sega Mega Drive) Retro Game Review

Sonic 2 is a timeless classic on the Sega Mega Drive It’s hard to believe I’ve never written about Sonic 2! Back in the prime time 16bit days Sonic was one of the most prominent characters in gaming. Typically it would be an argument between which console was better: the Sega Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo which led to